US family with 12 sons welcomes baby boy number 13

Jay and Kateri Schwandt not only have 13 children, but they’re all boys
London: A Michigan-based couple, who first gained national attention for having 12 sons, is now celebrating lucky number 13 after welcoming a 13th boy into their household.
Jay and Kateri Schwandt chose not to know the baby's sex before the birth in keeping with family tradition, the BBC reported. The 40-year-old Jay said just moments after his latest son was born that he was thinking, "If this is a girl, I don't know what my reaction is going to be."
The ages of their boys extend over more two decades, starting with Tyler, 22, followed by Zach, 19, Drew, 18, Brandon, 16, Tommy, 13, Vinnie, 12, Calvin, 10, Gabe, 8, Wesley, 6, Charlie, 5, Luke, 3, and 21-month-old Tucker. Kateri added that there's a lot of commotion, a lot of chaos, but there's also a lot of love.
The family is now trying to settle on yet another boy's name, and have been seeking a little help from their other sons
( Source : ANI )
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