Saints sore over Rajnath Singh's statement on Ram temple construction

Singh had said that lack of numbers in Upper House was coming in way of Ram temple issue

Ayodhya: Upset over Home Minister Rajnath Singh's statement expressing inability to enact a law for construction of Ram temple, seers and Hindu religious leaders here today reminded BJP of its poll promise and asked it not to "betray" those who voted it to power.

"The 'sants' here are unhappy over the statement issued by Rajnath Singh. They believed that BJP will not betray the people and they want the ruling party to enact a law as per its promises to pave the way for construction of Ram temple," senior member of the Ram Janmbhoomi Nyas and former MP Ram Vilas Vedanti said.

"Rajnath Singh as the then national president of BJP during Mahakumbh 2013 had promised the 'sants' that if voted to power, his party will enact a law for making the temple a reality and they want the government to keep its promise," Vedanti told PTI.

To Singh's contention that BJP does not have majority in the Upper House of Parliament, Vedanti said that by October 2016, the ruling party will be in a comfortable position in Rajya Sabha.

"Till then, the Centre should hand over the undisputed 67 acres land to the Ram Jamnbhoomi Nyas and for the disputed piece of land, it can enact a law in 2016," Vedanti said.

He demanded that before 2017 Uttar Pradesh assembly poll, the undisputed area should be given to the Nyas.

"If they betray Ram 'bhakts' and don't pave the way for the temple, they should very well understand what their future will be," Vedanti warned.

Acharya Satyendra Das, head priest of the Ram Janmbhoomi, temple said they had high hopes that BJP would find a way out when it formed the government at the Centre with massive majority.

"But the lull during the one year when no momentum was seen in the direction of fulfilling the aspirations of the Hindus has brought immense disappointment to those who voted for this government," he said, adding that now the thinking has changed and BJP too is speaking in a voice similar to that of other political parties on the issue.

Das rued, "Earlier the excuse was that BJP did not have majority as it was heading a coalition of 13 parties (during Atal Bihari Vajpayee government) and now to buy time they are saying they do not have majority in Rajya Sabha."

"Rajnath Singh said that temple can be constructed either through mutual dialogue or through the court verdict, in both cases, the Centre has no role to play," Das asserted.

VHP spokesman Sharad Sharma said lack of majority in the Rajya Sabha is no excuse.

"Though BJP is in minority in Rajya Sabha, they have requisite numbers in Lok Sabha. Let them bring the bill there (LS), get it debated and find a way for it in Rajya Sabha," he said, adding there were so many bills which get passed despite strong opposition.

"It will at least show the seriousness of the government on the issue. Let the government request those opposing it in Rajya Sabha, we will also do the same. Let them create a conducive atmosphere for it," Sharma said.

He favoured setting up of a special bench in the Supreme Court to hear the case lingering for decades.

"Ram Janmbhoomi Nyas President Mahant Nritya Gopaldas has also said that since the BJP government at the Centre is completing one year, time should be sought from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for resolving the issue under the framework of the Constitution.

"The issue of seeking time from the Prime Minister will be raised at the upcoming meeting of Kendriya Margdarshak Mandal in Haridwar on May 25 and 26," Sharma added.

During his visit to Ayodhya on Sunday, Rajnath Singh had said that lack of numbers in the Upper House of Parliament was coming in the way of BJP enacting a law for construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya.

"BJP does not have majority in Rajya Sabha, so this time it is not possible to enact law for the construction of Ram temple," Singh had said.

Construction of a Ram Temple in Ayodhya was among the promises made by BJP in its Lok Sabha election manifesto.

The resentment among Hindu religious leaders was evident at a meeting of the Hindu Dharma Sansad, where Shankaracharya of Dwarkapeeth Swaroopananda Saraswati took note of the Home Minister's statement and asked BJP leaders to stop talking about construction of Ram temple.

"We request you (Singh) with folded hands, don't talk about Ram Janmabhoomi. We will build Ram temple at the spot," Shankaracharya said.

"It is Ram Janmbhoomi and if the Supreme Court gives its verdict soon, because they have agreed it is Ram Janmabhoomi, but some portion has been given to Muslims while their plea has been rejected. If that is decided, then we will without any political party, the saints, great souls, gentlemen will construct Ram temple at the spot of Lord's birth.

"And by God's grace, we won't need their (politicians') money, people will give us. We will construct temple, you please forgive us. Leave the discussion now," he said.

The Shankaracharya alleged that a section of political class brought in the name of Mughal emperor Babar to gain "political advantage" and said that the court has accepted the fact that Babar had never been to the place. There were remains that proved that it was a place of worship of Hindus, he claimed.

A resolution was also passes at the meeting in Delhi in this regard. Hindu Dharma Sansad is a gathering of various Hindu religious bodies and organisations.

( Source : PTI )
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