This cat has broken the world record for the loudest purr

Merlin was picked up from a rescue centre when he was just a kitten
A UK feline has set a new Guinness World record for the loudest purr by a domestic cat, with its sound measuring almost 68 decibels - as noisy as an air conditioner and nearly as loud as a shower.
Merlin, aged 13, who was adopted from an animal rescue centre in Kingskerswell by its owner Tracy Westwood and her daughter Alice from Torquay, Devon, was crowned king of the purrs during recent filming of a Channel 5 TV show.
With a Guinness World Records adjudicator on hand to verify, Merlin registered a purr measuring 67.8 decibels, beating the previous record of 67.68 decibels set in 2011 by Smokey - another British cat.
"Occasionally when he's really loud I have to repeat myself. When you're watching films you have to turn the telly up or put him out of the room, if he's eating he'll purr loudly. I can hear him when I'm drying my hair," Tracy said.
"Here at Guinness World Records we enjoy coming across your typical everyday pet with a rather unique talent and Merlin the Cat from Torquay is just that," said GWR spokesman Jamie Clarke.
"It was amazing to see just how loud his purr was in person and, despite a couple of readings of Merlin's purr just under the current record, a bowl of tuna cat food proved to make all the difference and secure the record," Clarke said.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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