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Leave your skin woes behind as you head to exotic locations this summer

Our skin is a hotbed of problems — especially when exposed to the sun in equatorial holiday hot spots and the tropical beach sides, where many of us go for vacations in the summer. For those of us not blessed with luminous skin like Eva Mendes, issues like sunburns, summer rashes, acne, parching and uneven toning are the most common troubles that plague us when we should be lounging on a beach chair, instead.

The first rule is to know your own skin and understand how it behaves in different weather conditions. The same skin may be oily in one season, and dry in another. However, no matter what your skin type is or how it behaves, it is important that the cleansing, toning, and moisturising regime is followed religiously. A holiday is no excuse for missing out on taking care of your skin. One of the main worries is sun damage, which can be quite drastic. If your pocket moisturiser does not have SPF in it, then invest in a day cream with SPF content. A common lie paraded by beauty products is that SPF in make-up foundations is enough. For city holidays, SPF 20 to 26 PA++ is adequate to give lasting all day protection while you sight see. However, if you are planning to bask in the sun all day, it is best to apply and reapply the sun care product or even get a sun protector of a higher SPF. Possibly the most harmful thing that you can do is recycle last summer’s tube.

Formulas break down quicker than their expiration dates, so make sure that you buy a new bottle each summer. And no, you do not need to apply it 30 minutes before going out… that is just another myth! Here are some other travel skin worries that you can easily sort out.

Rash: Sweat in humid destinations contains salt, which can irritate the skin and cause it to itch. Moist skin collects dust and impurities, which block the sebaceous glands and cause summer rash and acne.

How to prevent it: Gently cleanse the skin with a soap cleanser that foams well and removes all impurities from the surface of the skin. Then use a powder to prevent the skin from becoming too moist. Make sure you apply powder to the ears and the back of the neck as well.

Dehydrated skin: Scrubbing can cause dryness, as it can damage the stratum corneum (upper most layer of the skin). Differences in humidity between indoors and outdoors, especially when you pop in and out of eateries during your holiday causes this.

How to prevent it: Most people with dry skin tend to use just a cream, which will restore the oil in the skin. However, in order to restore the optimal moisture balance, apply a toner and an emulsion to the skin first. Then apply cream, twice to areas that are especially dry. This will increase the barrier function of the skin.

Uneven tone: With sustained travel, blood circulation decreases and this affects the colour of the skin, making it appear darker. Exposure to UV rays causes melanin to build up, so a lack of translucence is caused.

How to prevent it: Take one morning off from your travels and head to the nearest salon for a facial massage.

— The writer is a beauty expert.

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