Vincent van Gogh's doppelganger turning heads in Brooklyn

Robert Reynolds said he often gets compared to the 19th century painter
New York: Brooklyn-based actor, who just looks like the 'Starry Night' painter Vincent Van Gogh who died 125 years ago, rarely gets stopped by strangers because of his appearances in New York plays.
Robert Reynolds said that Van Gogh is definitely the first thing that people see, adding that he has heard it for about five years, pretty much ever since the first time he grew a beard.
The 36-year-old revealed that after the first person said it, he thought it was strange, but he thinks it's great, adding that he hasn't been bothered by it at all as he likes the attention.
While riding the subway on April 26, a passenger unknown to Reynolds snapped a photo of him and posted on Reddit, where it racked up almost two million hits in just six days. An actual portrait of Van Gogh was placed next to the shot to compare the resemblance between the two.
Reynolds, who didn't always agree he looked like Van Gogh regardless of how many people told him, said that after the photo that the guy took of him on the train was put alongside Van Gogh, he was like "Oh yeah, OK."
( Source : ANI )
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