Experts say bail to Salman Khan by Bombay High Court justified

High Court has power to grant an interim bail in the interest of justice

Hyderabad: The High Court has inherent power to exercise its jurisdiction whenever it finds some technical lapses either in case of granting bail or awarding conviction in criminal cases by trail courts, say legal experts.

The experts said that the legal team of Bollywood actor Salman Khan promptly reacted and moved the Bombay High Court, when it found that the trial court did not furnish a copy of the judgement.

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T. Niranjan Reddy, senior criminal lawyer of the Hyderabad High Court said the High Court has power to grant an interim bail in the interest of justice when it noticed a copy of the judgment was not supplied to the convict.

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S. Pradeep Kumar a criminal lawyer of the city said, “According to the provisions of the CrPC, the trial court has to furnish a copy of the judgement to the convict before sending him to jail.”

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He said, “When this fact is brought to the notice of the High Court (Appellant Court), it has power to pass appropriate orders for either release of the convict or to grant an interim bail till he is fully aware of the facts of the case.”

He said that is why the Bombay High Court rightly pointed out that the order could have been pronounced when the copy was ready and it should not have been delivered if the copy was not ready.

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Salman was convicted of culpable homicide and sentenced to five years imprisonment but escaped being sent to jail after the Bombay HC granted him interim bail till May 8 when it will hear his plea against conviction.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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