CRDA uses spectre of Land Acquisation Act again

The CRDA is hoping that this time too, landowners will be cowed down
GUNTUR: With the fresh round of land pooling, the government is using the same tactics it had used in the earlier round — instilling the fear of land acquisition if the farmers do not voluntarily give their lands.
In January, when the first round of the Land Pooling Scheme (LPS) started to collect land for the new capital through CRDA, it had given a deadline of 15 days. This was extended several times and the CRDA had threatened to implement the Land Acquisition Act if the landowners did not comply.
This had got the desired results but later some farmers approached courts stating that they had surrendered their lands due to fear.
On Saturday, CRDA vice-chairman and minister for municipal administration P. Narayana announced that the LA Act would be implemented from May 14 to collect lands from farmers who are reluctant. The CRDA is hoping that this time too, landowners will be cowed down and surrender their farmlands voluntarily.
Earlier too, the CRDA had announced February 28 as the last date for LPS, and TD ministers, leaders and officials had spread fear among farmers that their lands would be taken by force through the LA Act and farmers had surrendered their lands, standing in long queues.
According to the records, CRDA had collected 33,600 acre of farmlands offered by 22,400 farmers and CRDA had started the agreement processes through 9.14 forms, with a target to complete the process by April 30, but in vain. CRDA had got possession of only 30 per cent of the collected lands (10,000 acre) and the government once again extended the last date to May end.
( Source : dc )
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