Movie review 'Endendigu': A tale of precognition

With an outdated storyline the experience falls short of a complete entertainment

Director: Imran Sardhariya

Cast: Ajai Rao, Radhika Pandit

Rating: 2.5 stars

At the stroke of 6 on the clock, Jyothi (played by Radhika Pandit) is tensed, and psychic. She foresees the death of her husband, and every event she dreamt comes back to haunt her in reality! With shades of similarity between the series of Hollywood flick Final Destination and to some extent the Sixth Sense, the choreographer turned director banks upon his debut venture shot mostly in Sweden. On the outset, it obviously looks colourful for having captured Sweden during its vibrant time, but with an outdated storyline the experience falls short of a complete entertainment.

In fact, the first half of the movie is webbed around the ‘typical big-family set up with nothing new to offer until the twist in the tale starts building up just before the interval. It lacks the essential screenplay and the 'edge of the seat' experience in the second half is quite predictable, at times. Radhika Pandit, who has had back to back huge success at the box office, is yet again outstanding with her performance apart from looking gorgeous along with added beauty of foreign location. With not much dancing involved, the director has captured the duet songs exquisitely. There is also a 'past,' attached to the future in the storyline. Will Jyothi convince her husband Krishna (Ajai Rao) to believe her dreadful dream, to avert the future events? A good watch, for the family audience, and for well planned shot in Sweden. Despite the average debut, Imran has showcased his capabilities, for a promising career as a director.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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