Moga bus victim wanted to join police force, say family, friends

She also wanted to do something for the weak and needy

Moga: Friends and family of the teenage girl, who died after being molested and thrown off a moving bus in Moga, said the 13-year-old aspired to be a police officer and anted to fight for the rights of the weak and oppressed.

The victim's cousin brother Sandeep Singh and her childhood friend Soma Rani told reporters in Moga that the victim was a bright student and wanted to join the police force.

"She wanted to do something for the weak and needy and often told us that one day she will become a police officer. She was always moved by the plight of weak and oppressed and wanted to fight for their rights and help them give justice," said grief-stricken Rani.

The victim was fond of dressing up and was very particular about cleanliness and hygiene, she recalled. "We often used to exchange things which our parents would buy for us. She was fond of dressing up and liked to remain tidy. Cleanliness was next to her heart and she always liked to keep her stuff clean," Rani said.

An elderly man, Darshan Singh, belonging to the victim's village, whom the teen fondly addressed him as 'Baba', also spoke about the girl's ambition.

"She was a bright child. She used to tell me about her ambition to join the police force. Look, what has happened now. Today, so many cops are all around the village, but for a reason the child would have never ever imagined in her short life," Singh said.

A student of Government High School in Landeke, who was the victim's friend, recalls that she was a bright student. The girl and her mother were allegedly thrown off of a moving bus belonging to the ruling Badal family in Punjab on Wednesday, leaving the girl dead and mother seriously injured and triggering a political storm.

The mother is still undergoing treatment in a hospital at Moga.

( Source : PTI )
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