Krishna first in entry tax collection

Vehicles from Telangana state pay Rs 2.66 crore since April 25 to AP state
VIJAYAWADA: The Krishna district transport department got more revenue with entrance tax imposed on vehicles from Telangana state. The district stood in the first position with collection of Rs 2.66 crore since April 25 followed by Kurnool district with Rs 51.75 lakh. After the High Court ordered the Andhra Pradesh transport vehicles to pay tax for entering Telangana state, the Andhra Pradesh government also imposed entry tax on Telangana vehicles from April 25. The contract carriage buses need to pay from Rs 1.50 lakh to Rs 1.80 lakh depending on the number of seats and type of the bus for a three-month valid permit. Temporary licences would be issued from Rs 1,000 to Rs 3000 to mini buses, tourist buses, light goods vehicles, maxi cabs and motor cabs for a period of seven days.
Krishna district is imposing entry tax at two check posts at Garika-padu and Tiruvur on the borders of Telangana state. At the Garikapadu check post, the transport officials collected Rs 2.13 crore by issuing 739 temporary permits and imposing entry tax on 242 vehicles of which 107 are contract carriage buses. At the Tiruvur check post, entry tax from 170 vehicles was collected and 72 temporary permits were issued till Wednesday.
The check post earned Rs 5.3 lakh revenue in the five days. Vijayawada RTO M. Purendra said, “We earned more revenue from the contract carriage buses than the other vehicles for which temporary permits were issued. The revenue on contract carriage buses reached Rs 1.58 crore at Garikapadu check post and the number would increase in coming days.”
In the Kurnool district, the transport department has two check posts at Panchalingala and Sunnipenta and collected Rs 51.75 lakh in these five days.
At Panchalingala, 28 buses from Telangana state paid Rs 39.47 lakh for contract carriage permits while 412 other vehicles including mini buses and goods carriers paid Rs 6.13 lakh for temporary permits by Wednesday. At the Sunnipenta check post, 90 temporary permits were issued and Rs 6.15 lakh collected. Mr S.S. Murthy, in-charge deputy transport commissioner of Kurnool, said, “The tourist vehicles from Telangana state have given us most of the revenue than the other type of vehicles including the goods vehicles. We can observe that a number of mini buses come from Telangana state visit Srisailam and they also contributed a good share in the revenue generated at the Sunnipenta check post.”
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