Laughter, rotis and a fractured birthday

Kiku is also shooting for another show, Akbar-Birbal
Kiku Sharda, who plays multiple characters on Comedy Nights With Kapil, is happy with the recent leap on the show. He says, “The concept is fantastic. There are many changes. Now my character Pankhuri has a shop. My other character Palak is of marriageable age, so she will try to hook up with celebs on the show!”
Kiku adds that the team of Guthi-Palak has become popular not just with the audience but with celebs too. “We have a lot of celebs saying ‘We want Guthi-Palak in our episode’. It’s an honour to be loved so much. We have a fantastic team of writers but Sunil (Grover) and I discuss how we can improvise on the content. Even Kapil (Sharma) gives fantastic inputs,” he says.
Kiku confesses that goof-ups do occur at times, but since the show is shot with a live audience, they can’t afford too many retakes. “It’s like working in theatre. If you forget something, another actor has to cover up for you, there’s no one to prompt you. We don’t have the liberty of too many retakes like you have in soaps. Sometimes you see Kapil grinning, that is when he gets a response he wasn’t prepared for from another actor!”
Kiku is also shooting for another show, Akbar-Birbal, and says life is hectic at the moment. “The crew has been very kind, they make sure my parts are shot in time,” he says. “My family complains that I don’t give them time, but whatever free time I have is completely for them.”
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