Land Bill on track: Venkaiah Naidu

“The Congress is asking us why we have failed to prevent farmers suicides” Mr Venkaiah said
Hyderabad: Union parliamentary affairs minister M. Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday made it clear that the Centre will not compromise on the amendments proposed for the Land Acquisition Act and will go ahead with it.
Speaking at a felicitation function organised by the BJP unit at Kukatpally on Sunday, the Union minister said the Congress is known for its negative propaganda against the NDA rule and cited the example of it accusing the NDA for the suicide of farmer Gajendra Singh from Rajastan.
“There is no link between Gajendra Singh’s suicide and the proposed amendment to the Land Acquisition Act. It is all part of the Congress disinformation campaign,” Mr Venkaiah Naidu said. He said during the UPA’s 10-year rule, there were as many as 2.97 lakh suicides by farmers across the country as per the National Crime Bureau records and asked the Congress if the BJP was responsible for them.
“The Congress is asking us why we have failed to prevent farmers suicides, I am asking them why they did not prevent lakhs of suicides in their regime,” Mr Venkaiah said.
“We have not acquired a single acre from farmers during the 10-month old rule of Narendra Modi government, but it was the same Congress-led UPA government that forcibly acquired five lakh acres of farm lands in the name of Special Economic zones,” Mr Venkaiah said.
He also said the Congress made it a policy to oppose everything that is done by NDA and said they even started criticising the recent decision of Centre to consider 33 per cent of crop damage for compensation which was 50 per cent during the earlier regime.
( Source : dc correspondent )
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