Financial woes haunt 34-year-old cricket club

At present the KIDS CC is managing to run the show by pooling funds from the members and players

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A 32-year-old cricket club in the state capital that had contributed many famous players is now struggling to ens-ure proper exposure to young cricket aspirants.

The Kerala Institute for Development of Sports Cricket Club, popularly known as KIDS CC, has been knocking at doors for financial support, but in vain.

At present nearly 100 youngsters from the age of six to 19 are undergoing coaching in the summer camp and about 30 players of the club’s team are regularly practising at the Manjalikulam ground.

Owing to paucity of funds KIDS CC, which has lifted many championships, is even finding it difficult to take part in championships.

“We have a pool of talented young cricket aspirants, even from financially weak backgrounds, turning up for training. But in order to ensure quality training and enough exposure by participating in the tournaments, we need funds,” KIDS CC secretary Dr R. Anil Kumar told DC.

Though there were many leading organisations who were potential sponsors, many such organisations are now setting up cricket teams.

“Such firms are reluctant to sponsor clubs like ours,” said Dr. Kumar, who is a BCCI curator and state panel umpire.

At present the KIDS CC is managing to run the show by pooling funds from the members and players.

“While other teams are offer attractive match fees, we are able to give a meagre match fees to our team members from our pockets,” he said.

KIDS CC boasts of having contributed a host of noted players like Fazil Muhammad, Sabin Sunder, Raiphy Vincent Gomez and Rohan Prem who represented India A and Under 19 teams.

( Source : dc )
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