Here's all you need to know about Jay Bhanushali and Mahi Vij

Published Apr 25, 2015, 9:52 pm IST
Updated Mar 29, 2019, 9:07 am IST
The two have participated in the reality show Nach Baliye

Jay Bhanushali and Mahi Vij are one of Telly's cutest couples. Although Jay has now moved to films, these Nach Baliye winners, continue to be loved by their fans.

How did you guys meet and who played cupid?     


Jay- The first time I saw Mahi was at a card party thrown by our common friend. I was quite attracted towards her. We had no conversation as she was there just for 5-10 minutes. After a year, we met again, at a club, again through a common friend, that’s how we clicked.

Mahi- Yes we met at a club, our common friends got us introduced. I had no idea that they were trying to get Jay and me together.

What was your first impression of each other?

Jay-The quality that I loved about Mahi was that usne mujhe koi bhav nahi diya because most of the time I meet girls that isn’t the reaction I get. Usually I get a lot of attention, but with Mahi I had to gain attention.


Mahi-I found him cool and funny. He was cute looking then.

Coming from different communities how long did it take to bond with each others family and friends?  

Jay-With friends, not an issue because her friends became my friends. With family, they are proper Punjabi’s and till date I cant talk to her parents confidently. It’s a bit of a communication gap we have but there’s respect.

Mahi-For me It wasn’t much of a problem because we were never compelled to follow and rituals or traditions.

Any memories from your wedding that you would like to share?  


Jay- In her family, every celebration stars with Patiala peg, that was quite shocking for my Gujarati family because in our weddings usually alcohol is not served but at our wedding alcohol was flowing in every corner. Also Punjabis don’t wait for any celebration, everyday is a celebration for them and Patiala peg is a must.

Mahi- I would like to be as thin as I was when I got married

Some qualities that you admire about each other and something you would like to change?  

Jay- Mahi is a very good housewife. Shes caring, loving, her life begins and ends with me. I would like to change that, she thinks too much about me, more than anyonelse. If I make a plan, she cancels all her plans to come with me. I want her to take care of herself too.


Mahi- I admire his trust on people, but I would like him to become street smart and understand people’s motives better.

Any tips you would like to give other couples about keeping the romance alive after marriage?  

Jay- Best thing, is every six months go for small vacation, that will make bond strong and get to know each other better

Mahi- You need to be friends after marriage too, talk about everything and have fun, to make your journey beautiful.

A crazy moment spent together?  

Jay- In Vegas, on the spot decision by Mahi lets get married again and lets have a Christian wedding. We had no plans, no guests, no witness, we just had a father, made us take the vows.


Mahi- Being with Jay, every moment is crazy.

Rapid fire

Movie I can watch repeatedly 

Jay- Any Rajanikant movie, I can watch 100 times, In English, the movie 2012, Ive seen it 35-40 times.

Mahi- I watch Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and PS I love You repeatedly

Song on my mind

Jay- Songs from my films, I keep humming them all the time.

Mahi- Kathai aankhon wali ek ladki

Fav accessories

Jay- Glares, I have a huge collection

Mahi- my rings

Cant do without-

Jay- my phone, Im too tech savvy these days 

Mahi- Cant do without my husband Jay

Fav app on phone-


Jay- Twitter because I keep interacting with fans

Mahi- wondercamera

I shop for most- 

Jay-Mahi shops for me, If we are going abroad we go with one bag and we come back with four. So Mahi does all the shopping, while I’m the lazy one.

Mahi- I shop for clothes and house interiors

Thing I splurged on recently-

Jay- A trip to New Zealand. I did some crazy stuff there Bungee Jumping, Sky Diving, water sports. I almost spent equal amount of money on these things that I spent on my hotel stay and tickets.

Mahi- Yes, We spend a lot on travel