Would you drink this beer brewed from 'human waste'?

The stomach-turning beverage has been approved by regulators in Oregon
London: Soon there could be a beer in the market brewed from human sewage. Sewage treatment firm Clean Water Services have come up with a plan to treat the waste matter before handing it over to microbrewers, who will create the bizarre drink, the Mirror reported.
The regulators have given a green light to the beverage after they were persuaded it wouldn't make people sick, and now up to 10 trial barrels of the frothy brew will be made in Oregon.
Robert Baumgartner, an assistant director at Clean Water Services, said that it was designed to "raise awareness of the reusable nature of all water."
The report added: "Although this water is typically of lower quality, used water has resource value and can often be safely reused without adverse affects to public health." It also has a history, as Soho doctor John Snow found that beer actually helped brewery workers escape 1854 outbreak of cholera in central London, as the fermentation process killed the bacteria.
However, people have raised questions calling it a bad idea, saying that fresh water was probably healthier as the peroxide added to the potable reuse water would make people sick.
( Source : ANI )
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