Fort Kochi beach loses its sheen

Lack of accountability damages tourist image

Kochi: Thanks to the prolonged neglect of basic facilities, the Fort Kochi beach is losing its sheen as one of the most prominent tourist spots in the city. With no signboards, streetlights, bathroom facilities, and the constant threat of deadly snakes, tourist woes seem unending.

“This division gets the highest development funds each year, however, the situation remain unchanged. The tourism department and the local counselor continue to blame each other for the state of affairs," said Manuel a local.

A new bathroom complex that cost Rs 10 lakh was scheduled to open on April 1, before the onset of the tourist season, however, the work is still to be completed.

Safety is also a major concern for tourists. With all but one streetlight functioning, the threat of snakes and rocks is undeniable.

“Miscreants damage the street lights every time we fix them. This area is run by the drug mafia and it is up to the tourism department to do something concrete,” said Fort Kochi Counsellor Antony Kureethara.

The Fort is also ill equipped in terms of rescue equipment for lifeguards and a successful rescue operation seems a far cry.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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