BJP hits back at Rahul Gandhi, says UPA was 'loot and suitcase ki sarkar'

Congress is trying its best to acquire Rahul back to the fold of Congress, says BJP

New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party on Tuesday hit back at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi for his criticism of the Centre on the farmers issue and alleged that the former UPA regime led by Dr. Manmohan Singh was 'loot and suitcase ki sarkar'.

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra took a jibe at the Congress leaders for showering praise on Rahul Gandhi post his first speech in the 16th Lok Sabha. "We have seen yesterday as to how after a span of eleven years, Mr. Rahul Gandhi spoke for the third time. We congratulate the Congress that at least they are so happy that Rahul Gandhi has spoke," said Patra.

"We understand their happiness. We congratulate them. But scripted speeches and manufactured anger does not make one a leader and that too a 'kisan' leader," he added. Patra also criticized the Congress vice-president for calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government at the Centre a 'suit-boot ki sarkar'.

"The people, who were running the 'loot ki sarkar' for the previous 10 years, have no right to question the well meaning government that is functioning in the Centre today," Patra said. "It was a 'loot and suitcase ki sarkar' that Manmohan Singh ji and Sonia Gandhi were leading during their time," he added.

The BJP leader said that the Congress, which was making all attempts to woo the farming community, would not succeed in doing so. "Congress has been trying to take some space in the farmer's mind. They may try, but they would not succeed. As far as the Kisan rally was concerned, the Kisan rally was nothing but a 'Rahul bachaao' rally," Patra told ANI here.

"As far as yesterday's speech of Rahul Gandhi in the Parliament is concerned, it was less about the Land Acquisition Bill, it was more about Rahul acquisition by Congress. The Congress is trying its best to acquire Rahul back to the fold of the Congress," he added.

Patra further said that the Congress vice-president, who does not understand the true meaning of poverty, is not able to embrace a modest Narendra Modi as the country's Prime Minister. "Rahul ji, you won't understand what is poverty, but only a 'chai wala' will understand what is poverty. Rahul Gandhi addressing the PM as 'aapke PM' shows their mindset, they are not able to embrace him as PM of the country," he said.

( Source : ANI )
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