Just have to wait and watch with what happens to my role, says Hiten Tejwani

Hiten and wife Gauri are part of the show 'Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi'

Mumbai: Hiten Tejwani is juggling between two dailies at the moment 'Gangaa' and 'Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi'. Ask him how he is coping and he says, “Somehow luck has been on my side when it comes to juggling shows. I feel blessed to be a part of both these shows and things just have worked out with the shooting schedules and everything. When I don’t shoot for Gangaa I’m there shooting for Meri Aashiqui. It’s a fun experience and I just had to be a part of both these amazing shows.”

But recently there were rumours that Hiten and wife Gauri were unhappy with their roles and planning to quit 'Meri Aashiqui'. “Rumors are rumors and that is a well-known fact. But you know sometimes things do not work out as well as you would have hoped for them too. We know that Gauri is now leaving the show but now we’ll just have to wait and watch with what happens to my role and hope for the best.”

While 'Meri Aashiqui' is a regular love story, Gangaa deals with a child widow, would the saas-bahu audience be open to such an off beat show? “Things nowadays are evolving and the saas bahu audience will also appreciate this show as they do to the other shows. The whole concept of this show is new and very well put together. This show has everything for every generation of the audience. It caters to the young, old , teenagers, everyone. With the characters of Ammaji, Gangaa, Madhavi and all it really will appeal to all ages. This show has a lot of togetherness and and I’m sure the Indian audience will appreciate that aspect as much as I do.”

( Source : natasha coutinho )
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