The minute my fans meet Rohit, they become his fans: Anita Hassanandani

Published Apr 13, 2015, 1:32 am IST
Updated Mar 29, 2019, 11:33 am IST
We catch up with the lovely couple for a tête-à-têtes.

Anita Hassanandani may be a nightmare as a wife on her show ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’, but ask her off-screen husband Rohit Reddy and he is all praise for his modest and down to earth ‘biwi’.

We catch up with the lovely couple for a tête-à-têtes.


How did you meet and what was your first impression of each other?

Rohit: I had seen her in the gym and fell for her stunning Indian looks. Then one day I saw her outside a pub, waiting for her car and decided to approach her. I went like a hero and approached her with the corniest lines she was startled. That was a brief encounter; I followed it up with a message on Facebook. I had no idea she is an actor, as all I ever watched on TV was news. My mom is a TV addict and knew all about her.

Anita: I refuse to believe he didn’t know I was an actor, maybe he didn’t know my name but I’m sure he’s seen me somewhere. After the first meeting outside the pub, we met again through a common friend. My first impression was that he is well spoken and has a cute dimpled smile.

Coming from two different communities, how long did it take to bond with each other’s friends and family?

Rohit: After the first few dates we knew we wanted to marry so I approached her mom, she is a woman of few words but she didn’t have a problem with our relationship. Anita’s friends were very supportive and Anita herself was like an angel. Since my dad is an army man and we kept travelling I didn’t learn my mother tongue Telugu too well but Anita having done Telugu moves, knows the language better than me, so she bonded with my family over language. I haven’t made an effort to learn Sindhi yet I only know Sindhi kadi.

Anita: Yes, I have always felt I have a special connection with Hyderabad and since my Telugu is better than his, getting along with his family was easy, although it took me a little while to open up. His mom is very chilled out, although I still get nervous speaking to his dad, maybe because of my respect for him.

Any memories you would like to share from your wedding?

Rohit: Our wedding was a superb bash. We organized everything ourselves, from the card design to the car. We were all drunk at the sangeet and dancing on the bar top. Normally at weddings everything is so formal but ours was chilled out.

Anita: I remember every single moment of our wedding. It was just perfect. His family had given me this beautiful South Indian sari to wear, at the wedding.

How do both of you deal with Anita’s fan following?

Rohit: Her fans love her style on YHM and her saris. Infact I told her we should start retailing those saris online, since fans keep asking. I watch her show and give her honest feedback, even if it is critical at times. Since she plays a negative character on the show a lot of times, she gets nasty comments from fans, which means she is doing a good job. I guide her, how to respond to such comments because it’s easy to get bogged down by such negativity.

Anita: The minute my fans meet Rohit, they become his fans.

Rohit, have you ever felt jealous of Anita’s onscreen heroes?

Rohit: Not yet, whatever she has done till date has been aesthetic. She has not crossed any boundries and I know she is careful about that.

Some qualities about each other that you both like?

Rohit: She makes it a point to keep in touch with my family. I, like most guys will call my parents once a week, because I have to but she makes it a point to have long conversations with them and bonds with them very well.

Anita: One very adorable quality about Rohit is, he is very appreciative. Even today, he makes it a point to thank me, whenever I do anything for him, that’s very lovable.


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Words that’s describe each other perfectly

Rohit: Anita is modest and down to earth.

Anita: He is honest and genuine

Food we bond over 

Rohit: We don’t believe in dieting. We pigout on seafood, she love crabs.

Anita: I love everything from ice-cream to prawns. He didn’t like prawns before but started having it because of me, I didn’t like crabs before but he’s got me to love it.

What look suits each other best 

Rohit: Anita looks stunning in Indian

Anita: Rohit has a good bosy and can carry off any look but he looks best in the classic white shirt and denims.

Favourite corner in the house

Rohit: Bedroom because all the action happens there (laughs)

Anita: Every corner is special.

Memorable holiday together

Rohit: We had gone to Goa recently, and were in this resort where there was no mobile network, totally cut out from the outside world, and we had our own private beach, so we enjoyed our time together.

Anita: Walking on the beach, chilling out at the bar, everything was memorable.

Something about each other, not many people know?

Rohit: On every birthday we try to outdo each other by planning something special. I have planned something exciting as her birthday is coming up and not just others; even she doesn’t know what it is yet (laughs)

Anita: He gets away with mischief, with that dimpled smile of his.