Aashish Chaudhary wins Khatron Ke Khiladi-Darr ka blockbuster returns

Published Apr 13, 2015, 1:14 am IST
Updated Jan 10, 2016, 8:50 am IST
In a candid chat with DC, Aashish talked about the show and more

Former model and actor Aashish Chaudhary walked away with as winner of Colors ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi-Darr ka blockbuster returns’.

In a candid chat with DC, Ashish shares that participating in the show was a tough decision. He left his 15 days old twin daughters to be part of this show for which he has to shoot in South Africa.


The 36-year-old actor revealed that when he was first approached for the reality show, he refused. "When I was offered the show I said no, like I say to reality shows that gets offered to me. It’s become a habit. Then I posted a question on Twitter and my fans asked me to do the show. I also happened to meet a friend who works for Endemol, at a part and she encouraged me to do it. It was a tough decision leaving my wife and 15 day old daughters but I realised I need some me time".                                 

Recalling his winning moment Aashish says, "I remember calling my wife after the final stunt and telling her, I think I have done it. Normally going in for a stunt first can be a disadvantage but somehow I ended up going first, for my last few stunts. On paper the last stunts were the toughest but somehow they came like music to me. I was only scared during the final plane stunt because in other stunts my life was in my hands but here my life was in the pilots hands. My family is dependant on me, I cannot cheat them, so I decided to give up even if I felt my life was in danger. Rohit (Shetty) egged me on and took the onus on himself. That's how I completed it."    

So is he open to more reality shows now? "I'm open to anything now. It’s a big lesson for me. Ironically after winning I've learnt not to be afraid of losing. We are always afraid of taking part due to fear of losing.”                         

The actor tells us that he plans to stay in touch with his competitors. "My house is always open to everyone. We have already had get-togethers at my place. My best friends are from films but now I have friends from TV too thanks to this show.".                                 

While talking about his future projects Aashish said, "Actors have to, wait for work, till the phone rings and my phone is ringing now. I've not signed on the dotted line yet but I may make an announcement in a weeks time."