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One child, a threat to existence: VHP

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Published on: April 4, 2015 | Updated on: Invalid date

VHP leaders want the Hindus to have more than two children

Sadhvi Prachi (Photo: PTI)

Sadhvi Prachi (Photo: PTI)

New Delhi: The VHP on Friday said that "it cannot be couples’ (Hindu couples)  personal choice to have one child, if it impacts on the astitva (existence) of the nation", a statement that can be described as an audacious attempt to encroach into people’s personal and private space.

It may be recalled that top leaders of the Sangh Parivar and BJP, including Sakshi Maharaj and VHP leader Sadhvi Prachi, have rooted for "Hindus having at least four children".

On Friday, VHP international secretary-general Champat Rai took the issue further by saying "having one child could threaten the existence of the country".

VHP leaders want the Hindus to have more than two children as they feel any less would "tilt the population of India in favour of Muslims".

If this was not enough, another hardline BJP MP demanded that the cow be declared the "mother of the nation".

Mr Rai, who did not repeat this Sangh sentiment in so many words, kept saying that if Hindu couples had only child, it would adversely impact the nation. Mr Rai was reacting to reports that "India will have the biggest Muslim population by 2050".

Mr Rai also urged the Supreme Court to take up the appeals in the Ram temple case at the earliest. For him this was "not about constructing any Ram mandir but, constructing a mandir at Lord Ram’s birthplace".

To a query on the controversial ghar wapsi campaign, Mr Rai said the VHP was formed to tell people about their Hindutva routes and the programme would continue whether someone liked it or not.

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