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Rannvijay has this tough Roadies image but he is an emotional guy: reveals wife Prianka

Published Apr 4, 2015, 10:22 pm IST
Updated Mar 29, 2019, 12:46 pm IST
We got the couple to open up about their love story and more for the first time

VJ and actor Rannvijay Singh who is currently a judge on the popular reality TV show MTV Roadies X2, married sweetheart Prianka Vohra last year in  a hush-hush ceremony. While Prianka has stayed out of the limelight so far, we got the couple to open up about their love story and more.

How did you meet?


Rannvijay –It was a chance meeting. She's from London and her relatives are in India, she had come to visit her cousins.  They happened to come for an after party at my friend's place and we just clicked instantly. No one played cupid.

Prianka- That’s true. We met at an after party but we hardly spoke. Then the next day again we happened to meet at a party, as we had some common friends. I don’t drink and he wasn’t drinking that night, so we were the only sober people in the room. That’s how we began talking and I realized he’s a funny guy.


First impression of each other?

Rannvijay- I was really amazed to know that she's an Indian because she looks like a firang. She came across as a very cool, funny and charming person.

Prianka- The first thing that caught my attention was that he was into RnB and Hip-hop, he was actually lip synching to the lyrics. Having grown up in New York, that’s the kind of music I am into. Later I found out he is also into basketball. I wasn’t aware of his celeb status, so when someone asked him for an autograph, I though they mistook him for a South Indian actor and I began teasing him about it. I think that annoyed him.


Most romantic gesture by your partner.

Rannvijay- I had proposed to her in London and came back to India.  I was missing her a lot as it was a crucial period for us. After 2-3 days she walks into my house and surprises me.

Prianka-Surprises are what he is good at. He told me he was coming to London for a shoot. I had just woken up and before I realize it he landed in my room to propose to me. He then took me to a river in London, while on a boat ride he asked me to marry him. He keeps surprising me till date by landing up somewhere to meet me.

How long did it take to bond with each other's family and friends? 

Rannvijay -It didn't take long because we both come from a Punjabi background. She met my parents for the first time during lohri and they loved her. Same with her parents, they always knew we would marry each other. She's a very cool and friendly person so it didn't take time to adjust with the friends also.

Prianka-Yes I met his family during lohri and although Vie grown up abroad, I love wearing salwar kameez. So I would have worn it anyway, it wasn’t because I was meeting them but they were very surprised, although they wouldn’t mind if I had come in jeans. Both of us are Sikhs and coming from the same culture, it was a natural progression. His friends are very chilled out, like most Mumbaikars.


Some memories from your wedding

Prianka- We married in Mombasa Kenya, as my ancestors were from there. The best memory was our jaymala ceremony. Normally in Punjbai weddings you have people carrying the bride and groom but our jaymala took place in the middle of a pond at a Pagoda, so it was just us. It was the only moment we had alone, through the entire wedding and he whispered something in my ear, that no one knows about. So that was special.


One thing you love the most about your partner and something you want to change?

Rannvijay-I love all small little things about her, she’s a cleanliness freak, very grounded person, family person.  If I had to change one thing then I would get her into fitness.

Prianka- I love that he wears heart on sleeve, no ulterior motive. Both of us are Pisces and just like one he’s emotional. What I would like to change is he takes up more work than he can chew. Although he does justice to it, I wish he would relax and chill at times.


What look do you think suits each other best?

Rannvijay -She is very fashionable and always dressed well. But she looks stunning in Indian clothes.

Prianka- He’s always had this rugged biker best boy look with  ripped jeans, leather jackets, funky Tees. But I told him he should grow up now, get rid of those Chains at the side of his jeans. After I entered his life he’s started wearing crisp shirts, khaki pants, and loafer shoes. That is more of my style but he looks best in his biker boy look.

One thing no one knows about your partner

Rannvijay-She looks very elegant and classy but loves to sit at home in comfy clothes, watch a movie eating a lot of junk. And she has never exercised.

Prianka-He has this tough Roadies image but he is an emotional guy. He does break down at times.


Your idea of a perfect date

Rannvijay- Going for great sushi dinner, then going for a nice walk in a pleasant weather. Later going ice skating in NY.

Prianka-Chilling out on the couch with him and ordering the best pizza ever. We love to watch TV under a blanket. Getting dressed and going out is not my scene.


Prianka do you watch Rannvijay’s shows?

Like I said neither my family or I were aware of what he did. So when we did find out my family tried watching Roadies but then they heard the abuses and gave up (laughs). Even for his serial Pukaar, I watched some episodes, although we did record it but it’s the house help who watches it more than us now. But I do make sure I watch some episodes of his shows.

Rapid fire

Song on your mind

R-Beat it by MJ P- UB40s can’t help falling in love, because we danced to it at our wedding.

Favourite TV show

R- House of cards P- Same.

My mobile accessory

R- Charger P- The cover because I drop my phone all the time.

Style statement

R-whatever express you P- A Pair of cool flats, ripped boyfriend jeans, white tank, smart blazer in black.

Favourite accessory

R-G- shock watch P- Evil eye bracelet in gold, midi rings and of course my wedding ring.

What I shop the most

R-Shoes P- Jeans, I have a billion pairs