Middle classes have 'more sex' than others

A new study speculates about the sex lives of a middle class couple
London: A new study has revealed that middle classes have more sex than other classes. Cambridge University's David Spiegelhalter, whose book 'Sex By Numbers' lifts the lid of British bedroom secrets, found that people are having less sex than 25 years ago because of easily accessible porn, the Daily Star reported.
As per "the most comprehensive review ever conducted into the nation's sexual habits," having more than 10 bedroom partners is more associated with the middle class than lower social classes.
The study showed men confessed to an average of 14 partners in their lifetime, double that of ladies, a statistic that is "mathematically impossible" and so Spiegelhalter wrote that if they are having sex with each other, the figures should be exactly the same.
He added that men consciously or unconsciously exaggerate, while women under report to fit in with social norms.
( Source : ANI )
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