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Want WhatsApp voice calling for your iPhone? Try this

Published Mar 30, 2015, 6:53 pm IST
Updated Mar 29, 2019, 1:33 pm IST
WhatsApp calling is presently officially enabled for Android devices only
WhatsApp calling will be enabled for all iPhone users in a few weeks for now
 WhatsApp calling will be enabled for all iPhone users in a few weeks for now

WhatsApp calling, a feature by which WhatsApp users on Android smartphones can now make voice calls using the internet data, via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G. The feature was limited to Android users only and the news of iOS and Windows Phone users to soon get their apps enabled for the same feature is already out.

Windows Phone users will soon be able to make voice calls using WhatsApp, but they will have to wait for a while. However, the good news is for iPhone users, for now. Since WhatsApp has not yet officially announced the feature enabled for iPhone users, there are a couple of tricks to get the feature enabled before the official lines do.


Fuse Joplin pointed out that certain iPhone users can also try out the feature before everyone else are officially on the new version.

The ‘certain’ users that we talk about are those who are not faint hearted and have gone ahead to jailbreak their devices in order to tap more features and potentials from their iOS devices. So in order to have WhatsApp calling on your iPhone working, you need to have a jailbroken iPhone. Remember, jailbreaking your iPhone could damage your phone and you will lose all warranty on your phone. Do this at your own risk.

So assuming that you have your iPhone already jailbroken and you now want to also have WhatsApp calling enabled for you. Proceed with the following steps.

  • Download and install AppSyn
  • Head to the WhastApp website and download the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS/iPhone and install it.
  • Add the following repository to your Cydia sources: and
  • Download and install WhatsApp Call Enabler. Enable it in the app’s settings too.
  • After all this is done, ask someone with the WhatsApp calling feature enabled to give you a call.
  • Receive the call and disconnect. Now simply restart your iPhone and you should be able to make voice calls to other WhatsApp users and enable their feature too.

If you are not jailbroken, you can also try this: Download the latest version from here and sideload it from iTunes. Note: After this, if you reinstall or update your WhatsApp from iTunes, you will lose the feature. Once installed, simply ask someone to call you.

WhatsApp calling will be enabled for all iPhone users in a few weeks from now. However, using the above trick, a few too many users seem to have theirs enabled. If you have used this procedure and managed to enable your calling feature, why not share your experience with other users. Please make a note of the issues and success in the comments below.

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