WC 2015 IND vs AUS: How to skip work and watch the World Cup semifinals

Published Mar 25, 2015, 5:46 pm IST
Updated Mar 29, 2019, 2:11 pm IST
Just call it 'cricket sickness' !
Indian fans cheer wildly at a recent match. (Picture Courtesy: AP)
 Indian fans cheer wildly at a recent match. (Picture Courtesy: AP)
Mumbai:  The much anticipated India vs Australia World Cup semifinal is upon us but with the match beginning at 9 am (IST), the diehard cricket fans may not be able to watch the battle without distraction.  
With a middle of the work day make-or-break match, there's only one sensible thing to do: skip work. The match which will undoubtedly be epic and calls for using every excuse in the book to skip out of work on Thursday and watch the showdown.  
The bad news is short of being struck by lightening at such a short notice, there is no way your superiors are going to buy the 'viral flu' routine.  Here's what you can do instead of straightening out balance sheets and writing reports on Thursday to enjoy the match in peace:  

1. Apeal to your superior's patriotism. Tell your boss that you have a patriotic duty to support the Indian Team. How can he or she refuse?


2. Invite your boss to leave work with you. Chances are that your boss wants to skip work and watch the match too. Get a group of people together and invite your boss to hang out with you. Call it 'team bonding'!
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3. Take a lunch break. Let your lunch break coincide with the last hour of the India vs Australia match, that'll just be added benefit.

4. My pet swallowed my mobile phone so I couldn't call and inform in advance.
5. There's morning to evening curfew in my area. Local transport/train has stopped working.
6. Tell your boss you hate cricket. But every time you post a live match update on Facebook, a rupee is donated to an institution for blind children. Who can say no to a noble cause?

7. What match? Oh, that match. No, I needed a day off to visit the dentist. 
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8. What will I tell my grandchildren? That I was punching numbers at work when India played Australia in 2015? Would you?  
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9.   The last time India won against Australia, I was at home sitting in my good luck pajamas. I don't want to jinx the match this time round. You do care about India, your motherland, don't you? 

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10. In the end if honesty gets the better of you bring your party to work! Order a few pizzas, crowd around the TV in the cafetaria, and watch the action while you work.



Here's a video of the semi-final match between India and Australia in 2011 that will remind you why you absolutely need to watch tomorrow's match: 


So what will be your excuse for bunking work tommorow? Sound off in the comments.