Now Maulvi and Pandit attend Censor Board screenings to decide on film ‘cuts’

This was for ‘Dharam Sankat Mein’ and the makers had to delete 2 scenes

Mumbai: The way the Central Board of Film Certification ( CBFC) is heading, it won’t be too long before moviegoers get to see only what the censor chief decides from an air-conditioned auditorium. Filmmakers will not have any creative liberty to even hint at ‘conjectures’ pertaining to the society.

At a recent screening of Dharam Sankat Mein directed by Fuwad Khan, shockingly a Maulvi and a Pandit were invited by CBFC. The board wanted their point of view and get a green light from them to avoid any controversy around the subject of the film.

According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, the makers had to give in to their suggestion and agreed for 2 cuts to obtain a U/A certificate.

The film has Paresh Rawal playing a Hindu man who very late in his life, discovers that he was born in a Muslim family and was later adopted by a Hindu family.

So what were the two cuts which the Maulvi and Pandit found it offensive? The report states that the Pandit present at the screening, objected to a scene in which Paresh Rawal spits urine out of his mouth. He was of the opinion that cow urine is holy water one can’t spit it out.

Earlier this week, BJP MP Shankarbhai had informed Rajya Sabha that cow urine could cure cancer.

Maulvi also had his share of opinions. He objected to a scene on circumcision and suggested the makers for a cut. The makers who are gearing up for an April 30 release accepted those cuts and got a U/A certificate for their film.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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