WhatsApp Calling: Another fake invite is making its round!

WhatsApp Calling is the latest feature added to the online messenger

WhatsApp recently added a new feature to its messenger, ‘WhatsApp Calling’, which allows voice calls over data. A lot of WhatsApp users have been able to activate the new feature by now, however, there still are many who haven’t received the feature yet.

To enable the voice calling feature, a user needs to get an invite or a WhatsApp voice call from someone who already has the feature activated. Now since most of the users are quite excited about the new feature, taking a swift advantage of the hour, scammers have been circulating fraudulent invite links to enable the feature.

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A few days back, this scam was tracked and the link was pulled down. However, another similar link is being circulated now, which also has come across as a hoax.

Therefore, if you receive an invite from a link that reads ‘Hey, I am inviting you to try whatsapp Calling click here to activate now—>’, do not click on the link. Clicking on the link will take you to a page that will force you to invite 10 friends to enable the feature, which will ask your friends to further invite 10 of their friends. Essentially, the scammers make their money by forcing you to go through multiple pages, advertisements and websites, which will land you with no voice calling feature but a fat chance of attracting virus and malware into your device. So beware of such swindles and don’t let the scamsters win!

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