What tipped IAS officer DK Ravi over edge?

Published Mar 17, 2015, 3:10 pm IST
Updated Jan 10, 2016, 8:38 am IST
He had cracked down on anti-social elements, big real estate developers in city, Kolar

Bengaluru: The death of IAS officer D.K. Ravi has raised doubts whether the “tough officer” could not withstand the pressure and threats he reportedly received. Mr Ravi was known as a non-corrupt and upright officer, as he had cracked down on anti-social elements.

He shot to fame when he was the Deputy Commissioner of Kolar. He had almost put an end to sand mafia in the district and dealt with an iron hand against real estate sharks who had encroached on government lands. When he was transferred from Kolar and posted to Commercial Tax department in October, residents of Kolar took to the streets demanding the government take back the transfer order. It is said the government had transferred him owing to pressure from politicians and realtors.


Even after taking charge as Additional Commissioner of Commercial Taxes (Enforcement), he cracked down on major companies that were evading tax. In a few months, well-known firms were raided. Even an international bank was also raided.

It is said that his tough decisions made several “biggies” fume and he was reportedly receiving threat calls from underworld dons.

The police are probing whether any such threat could have led to the suicide. Police Commissioner M.N. Reddi said Mr Ravi had not filed any complaint that he had been receiving threat calls.

From lower middle class, Ravi was a role model

The unexpected death in the family has left the family members of IAS officer D.K. Ravi in grief. The family was proud that they had an upright IAS officer among them and had never imagined that he would meet such a sad end.

After being posted to the Commercial Tax department, Mr Ravi was given a flat at St. John’s Wood Apartment just a few months ago. Mr Ravi’s wife Kusuma’s father Hanumanthaiah and family stay in Mallathalli. The couple stayed in the apartment on working days and spent the weekends at Mr Hanumanthaiah’s house.

The flat was not yet completely furnished as they had moved in just a few months ago. The police, who are also investigating whether Mr Ravi ended his life due to a family dispute, are yet to question the family members.

Police Commissioner M.N. Reddi said the family is shocked and not in a frame of mind to respond to the queries.

Ms Kusuma and her father, who saw Mr Ravi’s body first, were in shock. Ms Kusuma was taken to a hospital as she was depressed and inconsolable.

“Ravi was from a lower middle class family and he was a role model to many other youngsters in the family. It is unbelievable that he left us so early,” a relative said.

Location: Karnataka