Salman will always be important part of my life, says Katrina Kaif

She added that without Salman, her journey could have been difficult

New Delhi: Once romantically linked with him, actress Katrina Kaif is all praise for Salman Khan and says her journey in life and Bollywood would have been difficult without the "unique" superstar.

The 31-year-old actress, who is rumoured to be dating Ranbir Kapoor now, said Salman is an "amazing" human being despite reports that she is miffed with the "Dabangg" star for taking a dig at her during Arpita Khan's wedding last November.

"Salman has been an extremely important part of my life and in my process in films. He, his parents and sisters are very good friends of mine. They are amazing people. They are the most respectful people I have ever met. He (Salman) is an amazing person. He is very unique. You don't meet many people like Salman in the world. He will always remain very important part of my life. Without him my journey could have been difficult," she told a session at the India Today Conclave 2015 here.

The Bollywood beauty also highlighted the philanthropist in Salman and said he goes out of his way to help others. "If Salman comes across your path, you don't be afraid to talk to him and try to strike a conversation with him. He truly is a people's person. He interacts with people with such a genuine level. He really engages people in a genuine way," she said.

When asked who is the better actor between Ranbir and Salman, Katrina diplomatically said she does not like to rate people on the basis of their skills. "I am no one to comment who is a better actor between Salman and Ranbir because I am no one to comment. They are very different. Their approaches and techniques are different. I get hurt when people put me in certain categories," said Katrina, adding she did not like when people rated her skills on the last edition of popular chat show "Koffee with Karan".

Katrina, whose personal life made more headlines than her professional, said she is responsible for the rumours surrounding her. "The person responsible behind these rumours is totally me. The reason is since the last 8-9 years, I have chosen not to comment on my personal life because I just feel it's an easier way to be. There is no hard and fast reason as why. I have kept everything so closely guarded that journalists have got the room to speculate like this," she said.

In a bid to put at rest one such speculation that she has a problem with Ranbir's ex-flame Deepika Padukone, Katrina said, "I am not going to speak about my personal life as much as I love and respect you. I also read time to time things about me and her. They are very untrue. We are all co-stars. I don't have any animosity with anyone."

( Source : PTI )
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