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Plain Jane Nirodh set for a sensuous makeover

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Published on: March 11, 2015 | Updated on: Invalid date

Plain Nirodh packets could now have pictures of couples making love or playing the violin

Representational Picture (Photo: pixabay)

Representational Picture (Photo: pixabay)

New Delhi: Decades after it was introduced as a family planning aid under a government initiative, Deluxe Nirodh, the subsidised condom, is all set to get more "intense". Having found people prefer costlier condoms to Nirodh, the government will do a major "rebranding" to give it a "sensuous look" and perhaps even a new name. A three-member committee has been set up by the health ministry to finalise its rebranding and new packaging.

If the government has its way, the plain Nirodh packets could soon have pictures of couples making love or playing the violin together.

Hindustan Latex Ltd, in a presentation on Monday, gave a set of "attractive" and "erotic" pictures to the ministry to choose one for the new Nirodh packs.

Launched as a low-priced lubricated male condom years ago to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, Nirodh’s decline started when attractive pleasure enhancers became available in the market.

"It was found one reason for its low acceptability is its unattractive packaging. Its quality is as good as others in the market, but the packaging is poor. We hope the new packaging will make a difference. The committee may recommend a new name for Nirodh too," said a health ministry official.

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