Cyber attack: Pro-ISIS hackers target Vizag company

The so-called ‘Rebel.-Team.Hackers’ posted an abusive message

Visakhapatnam: A Moroccan hacking group, claiming to be the supporters of Islamic State, hacked the website of the Visakhapatnam chapter of the Indian Institute on Tuesday and posted comments and a picture supporting extremist organisation.

Curiously, no complaint was registered and the Vizag cyber cell did not have a clue about the hacking. Asked about the cyber attack, Vizag chapter secretary G. Ramesh Chander refused to comment and disconnected the phone.

The so-called ‘Rebel.-Team.Hackers’ posted an abusive message and ended with the line, “We are Muslims and you must respect us,” the hackers, identifying themselves as ‘Ombre’ and ‘shni3er’, wrote on the hacked website.

The group also posted a picture of an Islamic State fighter holding the group’s flag. The group has an active page in Facebook and Twitter. The same group has also hacked the website of an organisation called the Darul Quran Foundation. Notably, in the last 72 hours many government website in Europe and US were allegedly hacked by anonymous hackers claiming to be from the cyber wing of the IS. Though the FBI is currently investigating the matter, many of the experts claimed it to be hoax, reported NBC News.

Recently the notorious US-based hacking group Anonymous had launched an online war on IS.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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