Women's day special: Television actors talk about myths/stereotypes about women

Published Mar 8, 2015, 11:40 pm IST
Updated Feb 23, 2016, 2:43 pm IST
Here's what they had to say

On Woman's day, we get TV's most popular men, to speak about the myths/stereotypes about women that they believe are or aren't true. While some give us light hearted answers, some others preferred to go serious.

Shakti Arora from 'Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi'


I think it's true that the major problem all women face is they have nothing to wear though they have no room for all their clothes.. Also if you think she loves you the real test would be just try turning off the lights when she is doing her nails . Another one that is true is the most efficient water power in the world is a woman's tears.

Sumeet Raghavan from 'Badi Door Se Aaye Hai'
Women have the world  and its options in their bags and its so true. I happened to ask for a sanitizer and my wife gave me one, plus a soap strip and a hand wash..not to forget a chemist shop too and its not only with my real wife but the same goes along with my reel wife from Rupali, from my show.
Rohit Roy from 'Peterson Hill'
The most unfortunate myth about women in my opinion is that clothes supposedly determine a ladies character. If she decides to wear a short dress or an off shoulder dress or even a bikini at a swimming pool, she is deemed 'easy'. I hate that term and its derogatory to all women.. And sadly, more than the women it reflects the sorry state of of the Indian male mind.
Mohit Malik from 'Doli Armaanon Ki'
An extremely common stereotype that is believed by most is that only girls can cook. Recently Aditi and I had gone to a friend’s place for dinner and we ended up loving the food. I kept praising my friend and told her that the food is fantastic and reminds me of Delhi. She just smiled and said I know I am very lucky. Soon after her husband walked in with the dessert and took a bow! The entire meal had actually been prepared by her husband. That was something that really impressed me.

Ankit Gera, from 'Maharakshak Devi'

One stereotype that I feel is not true, is that only guys tease girls. Adam teasing is very much a reality and can come as quite a shock for those who believe that it doesn’t exist. A friend of mine was once travelling to Chandigarh and since he was visiting the city for the first time, he chose to travel in an auto. Two girls riding a scooty started following him and were constantly giggling and pointing at him. Baffled by this behaviour he asked what the matter was. They then told him that in Chandigarh only girls travel in autos. Laughing at his embarrassment they invited him for coffee and told him they will have a ‘good time’, leaving my friend blushing beetroot red. He still blushes when he recounts this incident”.

Harshad Arora recently seen in 'Beintehaa'

I believe the saying that  women are the most beautiful creations of God, is true. So let's respect , care , protect and love them.