Alia, Varun, Deepika ,Kriti recall their favourite Holi memories

Take a look at what your favourite stars have to say

Raveena Tandon – For me Holi is something that as a child we would completely go bonkers for, playing with colours, and acting like hooligans, that was our idea of fun. However now that my kids are growing up and they ask me the reason this festival is celebrated and what are the sentiments behind it, I realize there is so much more to it than act all crazy and throw water balloons.

Varun Dhawan – The best memories of Holi are from childhood where we would throw water balloons filled with colour at people, from our building. We would even have competitions with friends about who threw more balloons, and trying to dodge getting hit ourselves. Now of course celebrations are more subdued.

Alia Bhatt- I don’t usually play Holi, expect if required for my films, as my skin gets itchy and reacts badly to colours.

Sonali Bendre-I love the festival for all its vibrant colours and loads of masti, but I get worried when even my driver’s daughter steps out alone because you never know from where which balloon might come and injure her. These things take away from the fun of the festival. But when you are out there with your family and friends, being crazy, nothing beats the frenzy of Holi.

Deepika Padukone - Holi has been one of my favourite festivals since childhood. I used to play Holi after coming back from school with my friends in the building. I usually massage my hair with coconut based hair oil. It protects my hair from the harsh colour and chemicals and cover hair with a scarf or bandana so the chances of colour entering your scalp are minimal. I am shooting for ‘Tamasha’ and ‘Bajirao’ so we may play Holi on the sets. This year will be a working Holi for me. Favourite Holi songs are my own songs but I have to admit that Balam Pichkari and Lahu Muh Lag Gaya(RamLeela)are my current favourite.

Vidya Balan - My fondest memory is that of my father filling balloons with water early in the morning. We'd go up to the terrace and throw balloons on each other, once we were done, the adult Holi would begin. Adult holi meant rang and mild bhaang and dancing in the building compound. My watchman would also help us with buckets of water from the tanks. Favourite Holi songs, Rang barse....and Shubha mudgals ab ke saawan. This year, I’m hoping to play holi with friends and have Imarti from Sattu in Sindhi society, Chembur

Kriti Sanon - I used to celebrate Holi every year with my sister Nupur and all our friends in our colony's central park. Once we found a broken bath tub on a terrace and filled it up with colour water and mud and then each person was thrown in turn by turn. We ate Pakodas and had Thandai and danced on various Holi songs. This year I will be celebrating Holi with my family. My favourite delicacy for Holi is Gujiya. My mom makes the best Gujiyas and I cant wait for Holi to eat the Gujiyas. Rang barse, the universal Holi anthem is my favourite. I ensure to oil my hair with coconut based hair oil. It takes care of my hair and protects it from the damage of the harsh Holi colours. Additionally, I prefer tying up my hair while playing Holi. Open hair tends to tangle and damage one’s hair even more. You can don a fashionable side braid or a side ponytail too. I also try and moisturize my skin with coconut oil before stepping out to play Holi. By doing so the colour doesn’t seep into my skin and it is easier to take off the colour after playing Holi.

Surveen Chawla : Holi is such a fun and energetic festival, everyone seems to be in high-spirits ‘no pun intended’ and having fun but I do hope that everyone who wants to enjoy the festival ensures the people they are pulling in to play really want to play. A lot of madness goes around sometimes, also I hope that everyone playing Holi this year, is ensuring that they are using eco friendly colours and being safe.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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