Weasel rides woodpecker in incredible viral photo

A photographer has recorded an extra ordinary image of a weasel hitchhiking on a bird
Wildlife photographer Martin Le-May's photographer is being touted as one of the greatest moments in nature of all time. According to reports, the amateur photographer captured moment when Le-May and his wife went for a walk in a park in London.
Le-May heard a distress call, spotted the bird and was able to capture this amazing moment on camera. The captivating shot shows a baby weasel mounted on the back of a woodpecker. The image has not only gone viral on social media but many claim that the weasel was actually trying to attack the bird.
While some claim the image is cute and shows a tale of friendship, the woodpecker was perhaps being attacked by the weasel, who are known to be carnivores.
The Birdist posted more pictures of the amazing flight.
( Source : dc )
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