NASA's Curiosity rover clicks a selfie on Mars

And you thought you took the perfect selfie?
Even though Curiosity has failed to trigger enthusiasm on Earth about its drilling venture on Mars but cheered many sending a selfie taken with a panoramic view of the “Pahrump Hills” outcrop on Mars, where it has been working for 5 months.
NASA posted the image and captioned it - "Selfie on Mars! This self-portrait of NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover shows the vehicle at the "Mojave" site, where its drill collected the mission's second taste of Mount Sharp. The scene combines dozens of images taken during January 2015 by the MAHLI camera at the end of the rover's robotic arm. "
According to reports, the current drilling is being carried out at a site called Mojave 2 and the self-portrait was taken in late January. The rover has collected the sample of Pahrump Hills for laboratory analysis.
( Source : dc )
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