Edward Snowden laughed at Neil Patrick Harris's treason joke at the Oscars

Citizenfour, the documentary about Snowden, took home the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature
Los Angeles: Edward Snowden, who was the subject of Laura Poitras' Oscar-winning documentary feature 'Citizenfour', says he "laughed" when host Neil Patrick Harris said he "could not be here tonight for some treason".
The joke had not gone down well with Snowden supporters but the exiled whistleblower did not mind being the subject of a funny one-liner. "To be honest, I laughed at NPH. I don't think it was meant as a political statement, but even if it was, that's not so bad. "My perspective is if you're not willing to be called a few names to help out your country, you don't care enough,"
Snowden wrote during a Reddit session after Oscars. He was joined on Reddit after the awards by Poitras and Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, who is featured in the documentary.
Poitras had thanked whistleblowers and journalists for "exposing truth" during her acceptance speech.
( Source : PTI )
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