Change is the need of the hour, we have to accept it: Amit Trivedi

He talks about breaking the stereotype, his fears and upcoming projects

Amit Trivedi doesn’t fit into any music genre and has managed to gain a diverse fan base in a short span of time. He has enthralled the audience with tracks ranging from anguish, soul-stirring music to soft and breezy numbers among others. Ahead of the new season of Coke studio @ MTV, we caught up with the musician for a quick chat.

With this new season of Coke studio, what should we expect from you?

This season I am focusing on bringing forth love with angst and aggression. You will be in for soul-stirring music, intricate beats with a fusion of high notes and peppy background music.

Do you think there is an overdose of Punjabi and North Indian music?

Oh s***, I am working on that only! Yeah, I do think so but I am going to break the stereotypical notion. Every artist has his or her own sound. There are artists like Harshdeep Kaur and Jyoti Nooran who are from Punjab, but they are not crooning Punjabi numbers. So yes, flavours are going to be experimented with.

In a studio, you need to live up to the expectations of your director and during a live performance; you cannot let down your audience…what’s more challenging?

Both are challenging. Every single time before going on stage for a live performance, there is a lot of nervousness. You feel like running away from that place. But once I go on stage, it’s a different story altogether. When you hear fans cheering and calling out your name, you let out a sigh of relief. I love the vibe and the crowd. Coke Studio is a great platform to explore and perform independent music on. Talking about music in films, I contemplate every possibility with every song I present to the directors. Even though there is room for improvement, the initial stages are nerve-wracking.

Do you feel there is a change in trends in the choice of music?

Change is inevitable. Be it any field, take fashion for example, one needs to keep up with the changing trend. It’s the same thing for music, one needs to take it forward. Change is the need of the hour, we have to accept it. As an artist, everyday you need to showcase a different set of emotions and hence it is very important to keep your mind stable.

Amit Trivedi's next film is the hugely ambitious ‘Bombay Velvet’ that will see Bollywood’s first tryst with jazz and in his words he is ‘absolutely enjoying the phase’.

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