Dance, yoga cut stress, boost memory

WHO estimates that India records nearly 1,70,000 suicides each year
Visakhapatnam: Regular practice of yoga and classical dance can reduce academic stress and improve levels of memory and concentration. A study conducted by a teacher of Andhra University has revealed that memory and concentration improved significantly as academic-related stress decreased among students of Class IX when they took part in sessions on yoga and classical dance.
In fact, though modern education is aimed for all-round development of children, sometimes children get depressed due to their low academic achievements.
The race for securing ranks is generating tremendous academic stress among the student community. This, in turn, is effecting the academic achievement of students. In extreme cases, this stress even leads to suicidal tendencies.
The World Health Organisation estimates that India records nearly 1,70,000 suicides each year. Of these, nearly 35 per cent are in the age group of 15 to 29 years.
A comparison of the number of suicides in states with high literacy rates with those with low literacy rates reveals that the states with high literacy rates contribute 33 per cent to suicides.
As part of the study, Dr Mantri Madan Mohan selected 160 boys and girls from KDPM Telugu- medium School, AU English-medium School, AU Telugu-medium School, and Visakha Valley English-medium School and conducted yoga and classical dance classes for an hour for one year.
The researcher applied various yogasanas mentioned in Ashtangamarga of Maharshi Patanjali and Hasta Mudras of Siddhendra Yogi’s developed for Kuchipudi dance form for relief from academic stress.
The study found that decreasing levels in stress resulted in enhanced memory and concentration among children.“The restless mind of student gets solace through yoga practices and sick bodies get vigour and vitality by practicing dance. Yoga and dance have multiple advantages. They bring positive behavioural changes including better ego, integrity, less depression, anxiety and better social skills,” said Dr Mohan.
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