Girl sets everything afire with touch

Some believe she is blessed, others say she is cursed

Lucknow: After the ‘burning babies’ in Tamil Nadu, a 12-year-old girl in Goramachiya village in Jhansi district has been found to have a fiery touch—anything she touches catches fire.

The girl — whose name is being withheld on request — has sent shock waves in her village with some people saying that she is ‘blessed’ and others claiming that she is ‘cursed’. The girl lost her parents a few years ago and now lives with her adopted family and her guardian says that he discovered that she had “special powers” when she started lighting up fused bulbs with a simple touch.

“Bulbs would light up and the fans began whirring the moment she touched them. Later, anything she would touch catch fire. Once her own clothes caught fire but she did not suffer even a minor burn injury. That is when I realised that she is special,” her guardian said.

The guardian, who also requested anonymity, said, “We belong to a modest background. I do not want the girl to be treated as an object. I have not taken her to a doctor yet because I do not want media attention. I will be happy if she gets to lead a normal life”.

Villagers who are aware of the girl’s ‘fiery’ touch are now organizing a special puja to free her from the ‘curse/blessing’ and are confident that she will soon be cured.

( Source : dc )
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