10 unknown facts about Varun Dhawan

The actor's latest film 'Badlapur' is taking the theaters by storm

For all the Varun Dhawan fans, here are things we bet you didn't know about the actor. There's more to him than his gorgeous abs!

1. Varun was a very naughty child. Father David and Mom Lali Dhawan had a tough time disciplining him.

2. Varun’s elder brother Rohit always wanted to be a director while Varun was adamant on being an actor.They are as inseparable in real life as Ram and Lakhman.

3. Papa David Dhawan refused to launch Varun in a home production. ‘I wanted him to go out there and find his bearings,’ said David. Karan Johar took it on himself to launch Varun.

4 .In his debut film 'The Student Of The Year' (SOTY) Varun essentially played himself: a spoilt rich kid who likes to get everything he wants.

5. During the shooting of SOTY David Dhawan didn’t visit his son even once on the sets, nor did he see a single frame of his son’s work before release.

6 .Varun’s second film 'Main Tera Hero' was Papa David Dhawan’s tribute to his favourite actor Govinda. Varun is a huge Govinda fan.
7. Varun had requested Govinda to watch 'Main Tera Hero'. He has now requested Govinda to watch 'Badlapur'.
8. During the shooting of 'Badlapur' Varun changed his entire lifestyle. He stopped partying and hanging out friends. He began to enjoy his isolation so much that his mother had to call up Varun’s friends to find out what is wrong.
9. To get into the role of a grieving husband and father Varun depended on Sriram Raghavan’s description of what the director went through when he lost his father. Also, Varun recounted his sense of unstoppable pain when he almost lost his father in Bangkok during the shooting of 'Main Tera Hero'.
10. Varun’s character is named Raghav in 'Badlapur ', after Raman Raghav the serial killer on whom Sriram Raghavan had made a documentary before he turned a feature maker. And in case you haven’t noticed the director is also named Raghav(an).
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