Mufti Mohammad Sayeed indulging in drama to get CM's post: NC

‘PDP has backtracked on every statement and speech that it made during the election campaign’

Srinagar: Alliance between PDP and BJP in Jammu and Kashmir has been finalised and even Cabinet portfolios are decided, PDP on Tuesday claimed and alleged that statement of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed asking BJP to ally with NC was nothing but a "drama" to get full term as chief minister of the state.

"PDP has finalised its alliance with the BJP and this became clear with their alliance in the Rajya Sabha polls.

Now, the two parties are also jointly contesting the elections to the Legislative Council seats that have fallen vacant."

"Even the Cabinet portfolios have been finalised and sealed. The only bone of contention between PDP and BJP is on the issue of the chief ministerial arrangement and every other pretence by the PDP is purely a guilt-laden attempt by

Sayeed to create moral smokescreens to justify unjustifiable ideological u-turn by the party," according to NC statement issued by senior party leaders jointly said here.

The NC said PDP should understand that people of Kashmir were neither naive nor gullible to be misled by these "dramas", it said.

"If NC wanted to be in the government, that would have happened. However, NC chose to stick to its ideology and principles.

"PDP has backtracked on every single statement and speech that its leaders made during the election campaign. From asking people to vote for PDP to keep BJP 'at bay', to calling BJP a 'communal foreign-body' to actually joining hands with BJP immediately after election results, PDP's theatre of opportunism has come a full circle," according to the statement.

( Source : PTI )
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