Defunct equipment anger eye doctors

Technically-unfit equipment supplied to Sarojini Devi hospital
Hyderabad: Assembling of defunct machines that were lying in the main hall of Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital for almost ten months has angered the doctors of the hospital. They have complained to the principal secretary of health Suresh Chandra to either remove or upgrade them. Equipments worth Rs 4 crore were supplied to the hospital which had 10 microscopes and four phacomachines but could not be used as they were not technically sound.
A senior doctor of the hospital explained, “The microscopes are of very poor quality and there is no depth or clarity. We cannot use these microscopes for use on patients or for teaching post-graduate students.”
The equipment was purchased in March 2014 but was lying in the main hall for almost ten months. In mid-January, the contractor came along with the technicians and assembled the machines despite objection from the doctors.
A senior doctor explained, “We had ourselves opened one microscope to check its quality and we found it extremely bad. This Indian model is rejected by all eye hospitals in India. Despite our protest, the contractor was not ready to listen.”
Also four phacomachines are required for sutureless cataract surgeries but due to its bad quality these surgeries are not possible. A senior ophthalmologist at the hospital explained, “We are using the machines that were purchased in 2001. There are eight operating tables but only two can be utilised for now. Till the government seriously looks into this issue optimum utilisation of resources is not possible. There are 50 cataract surgeries done every day in the hospital and they are done in the old method of sutures as the modern equipments cannot be used.”
Due to this reason, professors are very upset as the teaching of post-graduate students is badly affected. There are 80 PG students but they are learning only the old methods of surgeries and the new technology based skill cannot be developed due to faulty machines.
Principal secretary Suresh Chandra said, “We have received the complaint and the department is investigating into the complaints of the doctors.”
( Source : dc correspondent )
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