Here's how you can make a woman happy

It is not easy to please a woman but there are certain things that can make them happy

London: It is definitely not easy to please a woman but there are certain things, which can make a woman happy.

A new survey has revealed that getting a freebie, winning an argument with customer services and flirting with a stranger are just some of the things that can make a woman's day, the Daily Express reported.

According to the study, dodging parking tickets and eating cake made the top 20 list of everyday pleasures too.

Freebies were rated by 18 per cent of women followed by cake (eight per cent), victories over customer services (five per cent) and dodging a ticket (one per cent).

Five per cent of women admitted that flirting with strangers made them feel most alive, while two per cent said they enjoyed cheeky banter with work colleagues.

Going on holiday took the lead spot, with 41 per cent of women saying travel plans got them excited well ahead of having sex, which was chosen by only 26 per cent of those polled.

Bex Bradburn, of vitamin firm Nature's Way Alive! which commissioned the survey, said that it was the simple day-to-day activities that could make women feel the most alive.

The study also revealed the 20 things that make women most unhappy.

( Source : ANI )
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