Movie review 'Anegan': Dhanush's acting makes up for his plastic appearance

Amyra Dastur and Dhanush do an admirable job in anchoring the film through their leads

Director: KV Anand

Cast: Dhanush, Amyra Dastur, Karthik

Rating: **1/ 2

Numerous lifetimes, but with just two people: that's the tale involved in Anegan. With a loop involving their past lives - each one ending in separation, they come head one in another round of this cycle at the present time: except the girl in the party have warped memories of her past incidences.

So, Madhu (Amyra Dastur) is a game designer who is under constant pressure to have her content out. To deal with it, she visits a psychologist, during which she narrates scenarios involving a certain man. This person is Ashwin (Dhanush,) and she instantly knows that he's the person that she had been looking for, especially after seeing him with her own eyes. Ashwin on the other hand, doesn't recollect any of this and is skeptical of Madhu's claims.

In the meanwhile, there are more sinister elements in town. Meera - their friend plummets down from a high rise building, owing to her delusions. Their boss, Ravi Kiran (Karthik) appears very sympathetic, but Ashwin senses something omnious. Despite all the troubles, the duo carries on, living against the grain.

There are a lot of inexplicable, supernatural elements in the movie. The director does an excellent job in explicating the maximum out of such a setting. The narrative without any confusion despite back and forth with twists and turns moves the film at a brisk pace. A lot of this is thanks to the cinematography by Om Prakash getting the right angles and perspective is one thing; maintaining the mood is another challenged added to it. Harris Jayaraj’s Danga Maari number is already a rage. All the other songs are okay.

Amyra Dastur and Dhanush do an admirable job in anchoring the film through their leads. Amyra has that hypnotized quality about her, which is badly needed for her role. Dhanush's appearance can come across as a bit plastic, but his acting does make up for it.

On the whole, Anegan is a decent flick, but a few shortcomings hold it back and the film can be enjoyed only in parts.

( Source : dc )
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