Lily Allen gets 'rape, beheading' threat by self-proclaimed IS extremist

The man sent a detailed message of how he would kill and defile her corpse
London: Lily Allen recently got threatened about being raped and beheaded from a self-proclaimed Islamic State extremist.
The 29-year-old singer, who was a little shaken after receiving the messages, revealed that the man told her to "enjoy everything you get" before detailing how he would kill and defile her corpse, along with a chilling warning that said "I'm actually a terrorist from isis u dumb bitch," the Daily Star reported.
The mum-of-two later figured out the mystery behind the "cool message" and shared that the creep must have gotten her number from hacking Taylor Swift's account
Though earlier it had been unclear whether the message was actually by a real member of the terror group or just something to scare Allen, fans took to Twitter to comfort the star.
( Source : ANI )
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