Sonakshi kicks Mahesh Bhatt on Twitter

Director Mahesh Bhatt asks how Sonakshi was able to escape AIB Roast FIR

Mounting more trouble on the organisers and participants of the AIB Knockout show, a court ordered the police to register an FIR. The FIR has already been filed in Pune, while the Maharashtra government has announced an inquiry. Things got worse when Mahesh Bhatt went on to say, “If being part of 4000 people in the audience and laughing is a crime, then why have the other attendees not been named in the FIR. Sonakshi Sinha, who is the daughter of person (Shatrughan Sinha, BJP MP) who is part of the present dispensation was also in the audience, why was she not named in the FIR? Certain forces are orchestrating this series of events.

You have to be naive not to see that.” To which Sonakshi Sinha, tweeted a series of posts.

Dear Mr.@MaheshNBhatt, a couple of pointless FIR’s have been filed before this (delhi and kol if im not mistaken, in which my name was. Mentioned and Alia’s wasnt. I don’t remember my father questioning them as to how or why so. I do agree with u however, if these FIR’s. Are filed on 2-3 members of the audience, why not the other 3,998. Lets not give these ppl the attention they so desperately seek, And as far as my memeory serves me, nobody EVER went to jail for laughing. (sic)
But, in response to her tweets, Mahesh Bhatt tweeted: @sonakshisinha TRUE! I could not agree with you more. Thank you for your SANE response. Amazed by your maturity at this tender age. Love.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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