Uma Thurman under spotlight for alleged plastic surgery

The critics are saying Uma Thurman has 'done a Renee Zellweger'
Another celeb has made an appearance looking absolutely different. So much it could almost be too difficult to tell who she is had it not been for the picture’s handy caption.
Uma Thurman debuted her new look on the red carpet for her new mini-series The Snap in New York. But although theres something amiss, it’s hard to pin point exactly what’s up. It’s kind of drastic in a subtle way.
It could be the basic make-up – just light foundation and bright red lipstick – or it could be due to something more severe. Either way, her face looks different than her previous appearances.
The buzz on social media took aim at Thruman's tight forehead, puffy face and eyelids, slamming her for pulling a similar stunt to that of Zellweger, who rocked up looking unrecognisable on the red carpet last year, sparking plastic surgery speculation.
( Source : dc )
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