Excited about Valentine’s Day? You can now send your love messages to the space

The Valentine's message also comes with a print-out version

Valentine's Day is coming up and with it, the struggle to find an original gift is back, but thanks to WriteItInTheStars project that offers romantic souls a unique opportunity to declare their love by launching the Valentine messages of people from all around the world in space.

Three enterprising PhD researchers at the University of Leuven in Belgium, Maarten, Tjorven and Jeroen, have launched, a project to fund future research at their university, the Mirror reported.

The researchers are going to put people's paid-for messages on a cubesat, or miniature satellite, and send it up into orbit, where it will pass over every part of the world for years to come and after 10 years, the satellite will enter the atmosphere and the message will turn into a beautiful shooting star.

The project has its setbacks too, like the launch of the cubesat isn't set to take place until 2016 and people won't be able to see the message as the tiny object will be orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 500km and a speed of 27000 km/h.

At the moment the price of the messages are about 65p per character and the team at are planning to fund "lots of stuff" with the money they make from this project, for example, extra funding will allow them to purchase more components for our Master thesis students.

The Valentine's message also comes with a print-out version of one of five unique designs that can be downloaded from, so people can hand it to the person they love.

( Source : ANI )
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