This baby shares same birth date with dad and granny

A newly born baby girl has beaten the odds of 1,33,225-1

London: A newly born baby girl has beaten the odds of 1,33,225-1 by sharing the same birthday as of her dad and grandma.

The baby named Arabella Moore was due to come on January 24, but mother Carly didn't feel any pain, so after three days i.e. on January 27 the little one arrived as she got 8lb 30z heavy, the Mirror reported.

A spokesman of bookmakers William Hill mentioned that if the family would have come to them three generations ago and suggested that the next three generations of the family would be born on the same day then they would have offered a minimum of 100,000 - 1 or around 133,225-1.

The spokesman added that if the legacy of this family continues then the bookies are prepared to offer 365-1 on the next generation being born on the same day.

The 33-year-old daddy and investment banker said that in their family two people from two different generation use to share same birth dates and now having his baby on the same day makes the day more special.

The 63-year-old granny said that his son, Michael was the most wonderful birthday present for her, but now her grand daughter has made her birthday more special, and she hopes that it happens again.

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( Source : ANI )
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