Salman Khan furious about AIB jokes

After AIB jokes, actor warns KJo

Karan Johar’s troubles over his participation in the controversial AIB’s Roast are far from over. The latest setback is that Salman Khan has taken huge offence to the titillating tamasha. A close buddy of Salman said, “Salman doesn’t entertain or tolerate any kind of chichoraapan (vulgar behaviour) in public. He does a lot of mazaa-masti with friends in private. But in public his conduct is impeccable.”

Apparently Salman was livid when he heard that his dear sister Arpita was a butt of many jokes at the Roast. Even though the offensive portions were removed from the show when it was edited for YouTube, Salman is still upset. The source adds, “Salman called Karan. He told Karan in no uncertain terms that he found the humour distasteful and unacceptable. He also threatened to walk out of Karan’s film Shuddhi.”

( Source : dc correspondent )
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